Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Planting Of The Cherry Blossoms

almost ready, that lil door and window i dread  hehe
So During 'Sno-verated 2011' I went to Toronto to a lovely hotel for my transfer. The transfer was set for 9:30am on February 2nd. We got there a little early but transfer ended up being delayed while waiting for the lil 'cherries' to thaw a lil more. 
Before babies went in.
So I got suited up and in I went. Got the ultrasound set up and were almost ready to go. So afterwards I head back to the hotel. It was lunch time so i got hungry & ordered some lunch to the room, had about a 3.5hr nap. and laid in bed watching tv and snacking for the night.

now we are onto the 2week wait..*This is the hardest for sure!!!!*
Bloodwork to start on the 16th & repeat on the 18th

Have been feeling very nauseous so im hoping its a good sign. staying positive and willing the lil cherry-blossoms to grow :)

Also i had to stop the needles due too really bad swelling and itching.  theres a weird picture of it<my pants r covering my butt, dont try to read into it :P>

Well thats about it for now.... Will post more news soon :-)

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