Monday, June 20, 2011

So I know it has been a while since my last update. 

But I have been very busy for the last little while, including a fresh 3 day old embryo transfer, 2 were implanted, & 1 lucky lil' embaby decided to grace us with his/her presence. 
Yes I am know almost 7 weeks pregnant with 1 lil' Baby, a Very Loved Baby.

So there is a long & glorious journey ready to unfold in front of us which i am ready to embark upon...

Once again I am feeling blessed to be a part of this journey & be able to be part of a reason certain ppl smile daily.......

With this being a 4th pregnancy & a 5th baby i have begun to show a lil' quicker than usual *thanks meds!!* 

Next Post I promise to make longer & Includ epics, this was just a lil' update! 

xoxo Thx for following!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

~Feeling Washed Away With Feelings Of Sadness~

So as many people know, all the anticipation, nervousness & wondering...amongst many different feelings.. The embabies were just not strong enough to hold on. It wasn't meant to be at this time, I can honestly say breaking the news to these men whom I have grown an amazing bond with & I consider very good friends , the heart-wrenching news, was definitely on the list of toughest things to do....
So after some conferring with Dr. about the outcome and possible options for future they have in fact decided to try again with a fresh transfer... *insert sigh of relief here*
SO with a smile on my face & love in my heart I take a big step forward and try again... this isnt just something I have decided to do just because it 'seemed like a good idea' or anything of the sort. It is something(& two wonderful individuals) I have welcomed into my family, hopefully to expand their family to welcome a little one(or two). I have every intention of doing my best and thinking positive every step if the way!

So on that note: I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to follow my journey and read my blog. BUT if you are thinking anything negative or non supportive I would like to kindly ask you to cease and desist your attempt to read this blog or any blogs to come.... However if you are feeling/thinking supportive & positive thoughts then please comment below& continue reading ... :-)

I <3 you all for being with me so far...... best support a surro-mamma could ask for ........*you know who you are! * <3


Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Planting Of The Cherry Blossoms

almost ready, that lil door and window i dread  hehe
So During 'Sno-verated 2011' I went to Toronto to a lovely hotel for my transfer. The transfer was set for 9:30am on February 2nd. We got there a little early but transfer ended up being delayed while waiting for the lil 'cherries' to thaw a lil more. 
Before babies went in.
So I got suited up and in I went. Got the ultrasound set up and were almost ready to go. So afterwards I head back to the hotel. It was lunch time so i got hungry & ordered some lunch to the room, had about a 3.5hr nap. and laid in bed watching tv and snacking for the night.

now we are onto the 2week wait..*This is the hardest for sure!!!!*
Bloodwork to start on the 16th & repeat on the 18th

Have been feeling very nauseous so im hoping its a good sign. staying positive and willing the lil cherry-blossoms to grow :)

Also i had to stop the needles due too really bad swelling and itching.  theres a weird picture of it<my pants r covering my butt, dont try to read into it :P>

Well thats about it for now.... Will post more news soon :-)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

~Yet More Love 2 Give~

Well I am very new to this blogging thingy, haven't done it yet so bare with me as I check it out......

Hello and Thanks For Stoppin' by........ (hehe)

First of all I would like to Thank my loving Wife-2-Be Jaime, without you I wouldnt of made it out alive(or without being commited) I Love You and want to say Thank You & I Love You! <3
Also thx for forgetting the bad hormonal times(like the time i tried to smother you with a pillow in my sleep, and all the slushy & chocolate runs) and wanting to stick around for another round : )

As most people reading this will know, I am a 24yr old mom of 2 beautiful children & a surro-mum of two.
Well as most people are aware of... I'm back for more.. this old uterus hasnt quite had enough yet : )

We had a transfer in November and it sadly was negative, we are happy and looking forward to another go..this one WILL work, the lil' embryo's are so loved already, they have no choice : )

& I need to give a BIG SHOUT OUT 2 my girl Angele!!
Thx for the OnceUponAUterus name...
2nd in the runnign was FromMyPinkVelvetSausageWallet2UrArms, we figured it was a lil' too much, no?! lol

So i had Twins on June 4th 2010, they are beautiful and healthy and went home the next day. I love them dearly and am enjoying watching them thrive in their loving home.

Well now that my surrobabes are about 7 months old I have decided to help another family, met an absolutely amazing couple who deserve to be a family. So here's to you guys....... It's gunna be a great adventure! :D

Well thats all I've got for now, have a great night and I'll post again soon <3